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Coral Gardeners

Here at Coastal Life Surf we have adopted a coral through the

BILLABONG ADIV X CORAL GARDENERS collaboration in an effort to support the continued preservation of our precious reefs.


"Coral Reefs are one of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems and we have already lost half of them" - Coral Gardeners 

It all starts with a baby coral fragment. Our adoption of the coral will enables Coral Gardeners to collect a fragment from a resilient coral species in the lagoon and place it in our nursery, where it will grow big and strong. After a little over a year, your matured coral will be out planted onto the natural reef to bring back life and biodiversity to the ocean.

Coral Gardeners are driven my a team of passionate international professionals ranging from scientists, engineers, creators.

This group are on a mission to educate and revolutionise ocean conservation, aiming to create a global movement to save the world’s coral reefs through active restoration, awareness activities & innovative solutions. 

The essence of their work is built around reef restoration. More than 100,000 coral fragments planted. By cultivating resilient corals, they breathe life back into fragile reef ecosystems.


By shopping with us here at Coastal Life and purchasing any of the Coral Gardeners range we can continue to support this epic initiative and our reefs can continue to prosper!

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