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Softlite Hybrid Hyper
Softlite Hybrid Hyper
Softlite Hybrid Hyper


Softlite Hybrid Hyper

5'4" x 21" x 2 1/2" 33L


The Hyper is the ideal small wave, high performance softboard.


 It could best be described short, wide and flat giving it a touch of extra volume, while still keeping the rail line nice and short.

 The extra volume ensures it paddles well, and is easy to ride in average to weaker conditions.

 The shorter, rounded template allows for maximum manoeuvrability and top to bottom surfing in the smallest of conditions.

 The flatter rocker allows it to gain and hold speed off the weakest of sections, but because its nice and short it should still fit nicely in the pocket if the waves get a bit more hollow.

 The Diamond Tail allows for more pivotal turns, but keeping it nice and rounded provides smoothness and a touch of extra surface area for smaller waves.

 Softlite have also done our best to solve the #1 problem of softboards - the rails! The Hybrid Range features an updated version of our Parabolic Rolled Rail Technology.

 These are then hand shaped, allowing softer rails near the nose tapering down to a sharp, harder edged rail at the tail. Similar to regular fibreglass surfboards, it allows if to be forgiving and not catch rails up front, but gives it a bit more bite making it easier to turn off the tail.

 Similarly  to a stringer it also provides extra stiffness in the board, and generally helps to increase the durability of the board.

 It features a Thruster Fin Set up using Futures Fin boxes.


Hybrid Board Construction

Like name suggests, SOFTLITE combined the favourable elements from both a Performance Fibreglass Boards & and Entry Level Softboard to create a selection of board that stays true to our core values of Quality, Performance and Safety.


Put simply, the construction consists of a Stringered EPS Core, wrapped in Fibreglass Cloth & Epoxy Resin, which is then encapsulated by a traditional Softboard deck skin and slick.


Detailed Construction Specs:


24kg Density Moulded EPS Core


This core provide unhindered strength and enhanced durability while retaining light weight characteristics. It also has the most buoyancy and floatation of all surfboard cores.


Stringer System


Each Hybrid Board contains a stringer which acts as a backbone to the EPS Core. In the smaller models (6'0 and below), we use a light-weight Fibreglass Stringer, while the larger sizes (6'2+) we use a Solid Bamboo Stringer for increased strength.


Internal Membrane


Each Softlite Hybrid Series board contains 3 layers of 6oz Fibreglass set with Epoxy Resin on the Deck Side. (Standard Shortboards usually 2 X 4oz or 6oz)


On the Slick side contains 1 layers of 6oz Fibreglass set with Epoxy Resin. (Standard Shortboards usually 1 X 4oz or 6oz)


External Membrane


On the deck side this is encapsulated by a 5mm IXPE Deck skin for extra strength, durability and traction.


On the slick side, this is encapsulated by a super High Density PE Slick Bottom for protection, speed and durability.


Futures Fin System


We use an industry standard Futures Fin Box. This allows quick and easy fin installation and removal.


It is compatible with all Futures Fins making it easy to change fins to suit conditions or alter board performance.



Available online & in store at Coastal Life Store Busselton.