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Pistol All Terrain Thongs
Pistol All Terrain Thongs
Pistol All Terrain Thongs


Pistol All Terrain Thongs

  • Thick mesh strap for ultimate foot support. No rash and rub for extreme comfort.
  • Inlayed mesh for increased strength and durability. Experience zero blowouts.
  • Increased thong width, allowing for more surface area to float over sand, rocks and uneven surfaces.
  • Angled sides for raised thong height allowing for better foot protection against the harsh elements below.
  • Swallowtail for better heel grip and weight efficiency. Effective distribution of sand, eliminating the hell from flicking up loose and unwanted land elements.
  • Logo embroidery for long-lasting appearance.
  • Fashion based styling and colour options for the supreme appearance and visage.